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Connector Cables

Connectors Cables

Quick-disconnect cordsets allow sensor, lighting and safety devices to be replaced or moved quickly and are available in both single- and double-ended models. For added versatility or challenging applications, splitters, cables, and field wireable connectors are available to complete your system.

A collection of Banner's growing portfolio of industry-leading connectivity products and solutions.

  • Visual selection guides for at-a-glance product comparison
  • Quickly find the cordset for your application
  • Includes specialty cordsets, splitters and combiners, junction blocks, and more
Field Connectors


  • Use to make custom patch cable lengths from existing cables or bulk wire
  • Turn a prewired sensor into a quick disconnect
  • Terminate field devices on an I/O block
  • Use T Splitters with our ZIPport modules to bring multiple sensor signals into one port

Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)

Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) allows the connection of devices without stripping individual conductors or using a screwdriver. Automation Direct standard M12 cables (24AWG) will work with all models, just be aware of the conductor cable size for the IDC connector to fit correctly.

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