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Wireless Devices

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Wireless Devices

Wireless Devices

Access hard to reach location, install wiring and conduct are not practical.

Accomodate digital and analog I/O in a single unit.

Integrate with existing process and control network.

Easy to retrofit, expand and relocate as needed.

By directional Rx/Tx communication between gateway and nodes.

Wireless Vibration and Temperature Monitoring Devices

All in one devices combine a wireless node, sensor, and battery power supply in one easy-to-deploy device that monitors assets and equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations. 

1-Wire Serial Nodes are pre-mapped to work with Banner's 1-Wire Serial Sensors. Their compact size, integrated lithium batteries, and variety of compatible sensors make remote monitoring easy.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Sure Cross® Temperature and Humidity Sensors work in a variety of environments to provide temperature and humidity measurement solutions. Used with Sure Cross Wireless Radios, these sensors make it easy to monitor environmental conditions without costly wiring runs to monitoring points.

  • Manufactured with a robust metal housing
  • Designed to work as a Modbus slave device via RS-485 or with Sure Cross 1-wire serial interface -P6 nodes, -H6 MultiHop Radios, or Q45 Sensor Node DX80N2Q45TH
  • Ships with aluminum grill filter cap; optional stainless steel 10 micrometer sintered filter available separately
  • Achieves humidity accuracy of ± 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of ± 0.3 °C
  • Traceable to NIST standards
  • Each sensor is shipped with a certificate of factory calibration
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