Proximity Sensors

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Proximity Sensors

Miniature (Inductive)


High sensing density

Sizes from diameter 3 mm to M5
Rectangular models
Increased and long operating distances

Protection functions built in

Analog Output

Continuous information

Large sensing range from 0...4 mm (M8, embeddable)

to 0...40 mm (M30, non-embeddable)

Exceptional resolution

High temperature stability

Matel Face Sensor / Full Matel Sensor

Reduced downtimes

Mechanically and chemically rugged

3x standard distances on steel & non-ferrous metals,

and consequently, less exposed to moving parts

Pressure resistant up to 100 bar

IP 68 & IP 69K

High-Pressure Resistant

For high ly dynamic pressure systems

Suitable for extremely dynamic pressure requirements

Operating pressures up to 500 bar (peaks 800 bar)

Sealing of sensing face better than IP 68, gastight

High-temperature Resistant

For Use in hot areas

For permanent operating temperatures of up to 230 °C

Good long-term reliability, even under difficult operating conditions

Sizes M8 to M50, embeddable & non-embeddable


Maximum Price/performance ratio

Sizes from diameter 3 mm to M30

2-wire DC and AC/DC models High quality at attractive prices

For standard applications

Capacitive Sensors

Large selection

Detection of various materials and objects

Level monitoring, even through non-metallic dividing walls

Adjustable operating distance

Up To 4x operating distances

Long Distances, large Tolerances

Up to 4x standard operating distances High temperature stability

Ideal for objects difficult to detect (small, thin, wires, etc.)

Sizes from diameter 4 mm to M30

High Speed Sensor

High Speed Sensor for high switching frequency-RPM measurment.

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